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As vehicles age and are prone to mishaps or potholes in roads, alignment is affected. It is recommended to have your alignment checked every 6 months or 6,000 miles to ensure the safety and wear of your vehicle.
As great as it is to speed ahead to your destination, it's ever more so important to be able to stop there. Your braking system is one of the most important safety features while operating your vehicle.
Oil Change
Changing your oil and oil filter regularly is the best way to ensure your vehicles health. Manufacturers recommend oil changes every 3,6, or even 10,000 miles. Maintaining the proper oil level in an engine can save on costly repairs.
The starting and charging system of your vehicle is critical at getting you going and keeping you going. Having your battery checked every 6 months can prevent the often troublesome experience of a dead battery.
Air Conditioning
Is it hot out? Is it hot inside your car? Let us service your air conditioning system to get you cool again. All summer long your vehicles Air Conditioning system works overtime to keep you comfortable. If your vehicles Air Conditioning system runs low, it can cause excessive wear on expensive cooling components.
The antifreeze coolant is critical in your car's cooling system. The antifreeze coolant, is the liquid mixture of antifreeze and water that runs throughout your car's cooling system and helps keep your car engine cool while running. It also helps to keep the engine block from freezing in extreme cold temperatures when the vehicle parked.

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